Even the people that are desperate for Microsoft to gets its acquisition of Activision Blizzard over the line have to admit that it's been a pretty messy affair so far. It became even messier after Sony began raising concerns about the deal, which has led to the pair sparring over Call of Duty for a number of months. It now seems like things are heating up, as Sony has claimed Microsoft attempts to get its hands on information regarding several Sony executives as "obvious harassment."

According to Axios (thanks Kotaku), several court documents have been filed over the past couple of weeks detailing fairly intense argument between the two. Microsoft has claimed that it is entitled to "discovery" and has been demanding Sony cough up several documents and emails from Sony executives, accusing the company of stalling and not providing said information within a decent amount of time.

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In response, Sony has stated that it hasn't provided the information because Microsoft is asking for too much. According to Sony, on top of documents and emails, Microsoft is also asking for things like internal performance reviews, something which the company calls "obvious harassment." Unfortunately for Microsoft, Judge D. Michael Chappell who is residing over the case has agreed with Sony as it "has demonstrated good cause for the requested relief."

None of this really tells use how close Microsoft is to convincing regulators its acquisition of Activision Blizzard wont damage the industry, but it is a little look behind the curtain to see what Sony and Microsoft are currently arguing about. Sony will likely do all it can to make the deal as difficult as possible for Microsoft, but it's unlikely any of this added pressure will derail it.