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Doesn't it feel great to be back in the real world? After the mind-bending chaos that was the previous chapter of Forspoken, Frey is back on Athia with her senses in order and a new goal in mind - to confront Tanta Olas, the ruler of the region of Visoria. Luckily, you begin the chapter in this very region, and not too far from Olas's castle, to boot!

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This chapter is a long one - not only are you encouraged to explore Visoria, the largest region of Athia, but there are lots of things to do once you get to Visoria Castle itself.

Exploring Visoria

Forspoken Area Guide - Humble Plain

You'll begin this chapter in Humble Plain, one of the more central areas in Visoria, so don't worry about having to make a long journey all the way to the castle - you can already see it in the distance! Including Humble Plain, this chapter will take you through a minimum of three areas - check out the guides below to see what you can expect to find.

Explore as much as you want to - you can pick up some neat stuff without traveling too far. There are some easily-obtained Magic boosts in Humble Plain, and Visorian Plateau has a nice cloak at the end of a Locked Labyrinth to grab.

Forspoken - Visoria Castle Gate Bardaga Lantern

The only thing stopping you from entering Tanta's Demesne is Visoria Castle Main Gate, which is on the western edge of the Visorian Plateau. Head here and take on the fight inside: there are four Oryggi Lanterns and three Bardaga Lanterns to destroy.

Remember that Oryggi Lanterns can be destroyed at any time, but to hit a Bardaga Lantern, you'll have to defeat the Phantoms connected to it first. Destroy the Oryggi Lanterns first to thin out the crowd.

After conquering this fight, you'll gain another notch on your Stamina gauge! From here, continue on into Tanta's Demesne, grab the fast travel point at the refuge, stock up on Healing Draughts, and make your way to the castle in the center.

Forspoken - A view of Visoria Castle

This area can be tricky to navigate. Make sure you take the correct exit from the Visoria Castle Main Gate, first and foremost - the exits to the left and right lead to completely different areas. Then, you'll find that the entrance to the castle's courtyard is hidden way below street level - you'll need to find stairs that lead to the courtyard's outer walls. There are multiple, so it shouldn't take long - just be wary of the multitude of flying enemies, which can be very annoying.

Visoria Castle

Forspoken - lanterns inide the courtyard of Visoria Castle

Before you can enter the castle proper, you have to deal with another Bardaga Lantern in the courtyard. This Lantern summons a Pitiless Arbiter and a Recreant Knight, making it one of the harder encounters to deal with.

Take out the Pitiless Arbiter first, as it has the ability to heal its allies. Once it is down, take out the Recreant Knight. Save your Surge Magic for the Lantern - a few normal attack spells combined with a fully-charged Surge Magic attack should destroy it in one cycle.

Forspoken - Visoria Castle Library

After you've dealt with the Lantern, head inside the castle. There are four floors to climb.

  • There is a crafting table on the first floor. Use this to stock up on Healing Draughts and upgrade your equipment, if you need it.
  • The second floor requires you to destroy an Oryggi Lantern, but the main issue is finding it in the maze of stacks.
  • The third floor has yet another Bardaga Lantern to destroy.
  • The fourth floor has a mini-boss fight against a Kastala Lantern. This is basically a huge Bardaga Lantern - all you have to do is defeat the Phantoms it summons and try to take as much health off the boss before its barrier reappears.

There are lots of paintings to examine in Visoria Castle, which all provide some lore about the history of Athia and the Tantas - don't forget to look out for them as you climb the castle!

After destroying the Kastala Lantern, head through the door on this floor and continue on up to the throne room.

How To Beat Susurrus

Forspoken - Susurrus first encounter

This battle is not one that you can actually win - you don't have your spells, you can't use Flow, and Susurrus's attacks deal a ton of damage. If you get caught by one of his blasts, heal up immediately.

Forspoken - Susurrus attacking

Listen to the conversation between Frey and Susurrus play out, and wait for the line in which Susurrus orders you to run. This is when you're able to interact with the door you came through earlier and escape the fight. The following cutscene sees Frey transported to another place entirely.

The Truth

Forspoken - Svargana

Frey will arrive in Svargana, a place that only Tantas know of. Before interacting with the big light in the center of the area, pick up the mana dotted around - there are 36 mana fonts in all, which is a great haul.

Forspoken - Back in Junoon Castle flashback

The following sequence is very simple - just follow the map markers towards every sequential guiding light and hear and see what they have to say and show you. Pick up the mana on the way, but save it for now - you're about to learn a new spell set, so a nice hoard of mana will be great for learning a bunch of new spells right off the bat. When confronted with a torana, always select the option to jump in.

Eventually, you'll be faced with a torana while in Visoria - the cutscene behind this torana leads to a mini-boss fight against The Beast.

How To Beat The Beast

Forspoken - The Beast

If you've fought an Amphicynodon in any of the Locked Labyrinths in Athia, you'll know what to expect here. The Beast is a pretty aggressive attacker, but its attacks are quite easy to see coming.

This boss has a severe weakness to Frey's Magic, which is good - that's all you have at the moment. Use your Support Spells to your advantage to get the fight over with quickly - Disperse, Prime, and Implant are all fantastic to take chunks off the boss's health bar. Save Tendril for emergencies to deal damage while also healing yourself.

The boss doesn't have much health, so the battle will be over quickly.

After the battle, you'll learn Olas's Magic. Continue on, heading toward the next guiding lights, until you come to the next boss.

How To Beat The Brute

Forspoken - The Brute

This boss has the same moveset as the Gigas enemy and serves as a tutorial for Olas's Magic.

The key to using Olas's Magic is to make use of your regular Dart attack - the move you'll use when you lightly pull on the attack trigger without charging a spell up. Each dart that hits an enemy will leave a mark. When you then charge up a spell, those marks will be locked on, with more marks meaning more eventual damage. For example, when you use Pulse Dart, a homing missile will be fired for every single locked-on mark.

The strategy is very simple, avoid the boss's attacks while firing lots of Darts at it. When you get a safe moment, charge up Pulse Dart and unleash a ton of damage at once. It's a tutorial boss, so it doesn't take much effort.

You'll get Prav's Magic back after this fight. Continue on until you meet the next boss, in Praenost.

How To Beat The Bird

Forspoken - The Bird

This bird is an illusory version of an Apsaravis. It stays very high in the air for the majority of the battle, so you'll have to climb up onto the buildings to be able to attack it.

Your best option here is Olas's Magic, specifically Chain Bolt. The Bird is weak to those spells, and Chain Bolt is both fast and has a very long range, which is perfect for this fight.

The Bird has a very low amount of health, so it won't take long to take it down - a few fully charged Chain Bolts should do it, and Disperse can help out if it gets close to you.

After the fight, you'll get Sila's Magic back again. As before, continue on, following the guiding lights.

Forspoken - Frey in Tanta Cinta's Nursery

When you reach the nursery, examine all of the interactable objects in the room to move on to the end of the chapter.

Which Torana Should You Choose?

Forspoken - Torana Choice

Chapter 11 functionally ends as soon as you are confronted with the choice between two toranas. One leads to New York, while the other leads to Cipal and the final battle.

  • If you take the torana to New York, the game will end very abruptly.
  • If you take the torana to Cipal, Chapter 11 will end and Chapter 12 will begin.

You don't have to make this choice right away - once you head to the final battle, you'll be stuck on that path until you finish the game, and you won't be able to explore Athia until you reach the postgame.

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