Fallout 4 just got a brand new mod called The Fens Sheriff's Department which adds thousands of fully voiced lines of dialogue, a powerful faction, and an alternate ending. The mod provides an entirely new experience, introducing players to a series of exciting quests and interesting characters.

The Fens Sheriff's Department is actually a sequel to another mod that was released back in 2019 called The Bleachers: A Diamond City Story, something which added a new district to Diamond City known as The Bleachers.

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The mod features quests, dialogue, characters, locations, and of course a brand new ending. The Bleachers now have two residential districts, a commercial district, two restaurants, and The Fens Sheriff's Department. This effectively replaces the guards in Diamond City with a group acting as an extension of the main factions in Fallout 4.

The mod has four different stories to experience including one for The Bleachers, another for The Fens Sheriff's Department, a companion quest, and a story called Diamond City Wins. In addition to this narrative content, players can acquire new weapons, power armor, workshop items, and more. According to the official description, The Fens Sheriff’s Department is a “DLC sized quest mod” featuring over “17,500 voiced lines, 50 quests, hours of gameplay, a new ending to the vanilla game, a full fledged companion, dozens of voiced NPCs, new armors, locations, patrols, workshop, workshop items, and weapons."

The Fens Sheriff's Department is an excellent choice for any fan of the base game and of course anyone looking for something more to do in Fallout 4. With its incredible amount of content, the mod offers a completely new experience which successfully builds on the base game, providing an exciting adventure for players.

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