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Created by Giant Squid, The Pathless was first released in 2020 on Playstation consoles, Windows, and IOS. It has now been released on the Nintendo Switch, and Xbox consoles, bringing a whole new audience to experience this incredible world.

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You will be playing as the Hunter, a master archer, whose goal is to lift the curse put upon the land. She is accompanied by an eagle who will aid her in traversing through the world, which is one of the main focuses in this game, as you go around shooting different talismans.

How Long It Takes To Beat The Pathless

The Pathless The Hunter and Eagle Sliding Towards Camera

According to HowLongToBeat, The Pathless takes about 6 hours to complete when focusing only on the central ​​​​​objectives that compose the main story of the game. While the game isn't that long, one part of it that can difficult your journey and prove annoying for some is that there is no map at all.

Because of that fact, there is no way to place markers or otherwise pinpoint a path for you to follow throughout the game. However, using your quick mobility and Spirit Vision to find your goals becomes a great deal more immersive once you get the hang of it, but it may cause you to take a little bit longer at the start to get a lay of the land and to remember where everything is.

How Long It Takes To 100%

The Pathless The Hunter Flying

Taking all the previous considerations into account, it will take over double the time to fully complete the game for players, on an average of 13 hours for 100% completion. There are a lot of secrets and hidden stuff in this world, only reachable through some platforming tricks and solving some exciting puzzles.

Overall, it doesn't take too long to complete the game in its entirety. Exploring through a world where you aren't feeling bored at any point, with the movement system being fun to learn and then to spend time mastering while heading towards every area.

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