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The Tower of Trials in Fire Emblem Engage features several game modes to choose from, they are called Tempest, Relay, and Outrealm Trials, and these will test your battle skills to varying degrees. If you've played the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes, you'll immediately recognise Tempest Trials.

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The similarities don't stop there, either, as this mode in Engage also features multi-map battles. The latter two are online-only modes and require a Nintendo Online subscription to play.

Tempest Trials Overview And Rewards

Fire Emblem Engage - Battle map for the mountain area in the Tempest Trials

The Tempest Trials game mode lets you choose one of six map terrains and then fight through three consecutive battles on your specified map. Each stage of each map will be visually different, with more enemies and obstacles. The Tempest Trials will be your main way to farm and gather exclusive items you'll need for Augmenting your Emblem Weapons.

All the items and staves you used in Tempest Trials will be refunded when you return to the Somniel.

That means you don't have to worry about burning through your healing and offensive staves or any of your Elixirs or Vulneraries.

You will unlock the Tower of Trials as early as Chapter Six in the main story, letting you challenge the first three map types. All told, there are six maps to choose from, and each has three stages to it. The final map becomes available when you complete the game. The maps are as follows:

  • Verdant Plain - Unlocks after Chapter Six
  • Floral Field - Unlocks after Chapter Six
  • Mountain Peak - Unlocks after Chapter Six
  • Winter Forest - Unlocks after Chapter 11
  • Desert Dunes - Unlocks after Chapter 13
  • Vicious Volcano - Unlocks after Chapter 26

There are several Crystals you can get as a reward from each map. The difficulty you choose will dictate how many Crystals you'll get from clearing the three stages. You will also get a set number of experience points per stage you complete, but this depends on the difficulty. However, the amount of experience gained is negligible for how much time and effort each map takes.

Even if you're playing on Classic mode with perma-death enabled, this will not matter in any Tower of Trials modes.

If your units die, they will be alive when you finish the map and return to Somniel, so feel free to use some as sacrificial bait.

Tempest Trials have an adjustable difficulty that you can set to whatever you like. The maximum difficulty you can increase it to is 40. When you complete the game, you will unlock levels 41 to 50 difficulty.

Tempest Trial Rewards

Every three battles you clear on a map will reward you with Augment Crystals. If you lose all your units during a map and have no more Time Crystal charges left, the map will end, and you will get nothing. The harder you set it, the more Crystals you'll get as a reward, but the difficulty curve is steep.

For reference, when we cleared the Verdant Plain Tempest Trial on difficulty ten, we were rewarded with one Avo, Mt, Res, and Spd Crystal each. If you want to spend any time in the game investing in powering up your Emblem weapons, then you'll need these stat-boosting Crystals. There are nine in total, and you have a random chance to get any of them from any map:

  • Mt Crystal
  • Crit Crystal
  • Dex Crystal
  • Speed Crystal
  • Def Crystal
  • Res Crystal
  • Hit Crystal
  • Avo Crystal
  • Dgd Crystal

The Augment Crystals will add differing stat-increasing points depending on the weapon.

Putting an Mt Crystal in Marth's Rapier will add four attack points, while the same Crystals in Marth's Falchion will increase its damage by two.

Post-Game Tempest Trials

After clearing the final boss of the game, you can challenge the higher-difficulty Tempest Trials and they will now offer new rewards. Whereas you could only get stat Crystals for Augmenting your Emblem weapons, you can now earn Bane Books, which add effectiveness to Emblem weapons against certain unit types.

When you complete the game, you will get ten of every Crystal, three Armour Bane Books, and three of each tier of SP-granting books.

When you complete a Tempest Trial at level 41 or above, you will have a chance to get a Bane Book. This drop chance is tiny, and the rate doesn't increase substantially with the difficulty. There are five Bane Books in total:

  • Dragon Bane - Adds Dragon effectiveness
  • Rider Bane - Adds Cavalry effectiveness
  • Armour Bane - Adds Armour effectiveness
  • Flier Bane - Adds Flier effectiveness
  • Corrupted Bane - Adds Corrupted effectiveness

The Vicious Volcano map will have a chance to drop every one of these Bane Books if you clear it at level 41 or more, but, as mentioned, the drop rate is incredibly low.

Relay Trial Overview And Rewards

Fire Emblem Engage - Units deployed on the Relay Trial battle screen

The next mode available in Fire Emblem Engage's Tower of Trials is the Relay Trial. This is ostensibly a co-op mode for Fire Emblem, but it doesn't work the way you'd want it to. As the name suggests, the relay aspect means you pass your baton on to another person or one of your friends after a certain number of turns.

There is a limit on how many turns you have in Relay Trials, and once you've used them up, the map will end for you. Afterwards, it will be sent out into the internet for someone else to pick up and carry on. You can keep an eye on the progress of any Relay Trial you start in the Tower of Trials menu. When someone picks it up and gets to the end, you will all receive a reward for your efforts.

Like with Tempest Trials, you will be rewarded with Crystals for your Emblem weapons. You get a much better spread, with each map offering four different Crystals, and you can obtain several of them for completing one Relay Trial. This is the only other way to earn Crystals, but it's not advisable because of the online-only nature of this mode. It could also take anywhere between one day to several weeks for one of your Relay Trials to be picked up and completed.

Because of the online functions, this mode is only available to Nintendo Online subscribers.

Relay Trials cost one Relay Ticket to either start a new map or join one in progress. These tickets can only be earned in-game as essentially a login bonus, with one gifted out to you every 24 hours. You can get more as a reward from re-scanning any of your Fire Emblem Amiibos, but this is entirely random.

Outrealm Trial Overview And Reward

Fire Emblem Engage - Units deployed on a custom created Outrealm Trial map

The Outrealm Trial lets you create custom maps to upload for others to challenge online. You can also battle on other maps people have made to test your skills. If you fight on someone else's custom map, you will not directly be playing against another player, as their characters will be AI-controlled.

This mode is meant as an entertaining and creative offshoot, letting you craft an arena and see what other people in the community have come up with. You don't get any significant rewards for completing an Outrealm map, with the only rewards being various Gifts or produce.

Creating Custom Maps

Go into the Outrealm Trial menu and choose the create map option. When making your map, you can place several tiles, structures, objects, and more to come up with a creative battleground to have people challenge. There is a limit on how many things you can place, but you have a large flat area to play around with.

When you create your map, bear in mind that the units deployed will be the ones in charge of defending when someone else challenges your map. This means when you attack someone else's map, your defenders won't be available in the Unit Selection.

You can only upload one map per Nintendo Account.

That means if you create a new one, you will have to replace the previous one you made with it, losing the old one forever.

When you've made your map, which can be as simple or as complex as you like, you can save it and upload it. With that done, you can now see if anyone has taken on your map, watching a replay of how they did, as well as claiming rewards when someone challenges your map.

Battling other players online will mesh the map you made with your opponents', with either side having their fortifications or obstacles in front of you. When you fight online, you will have a current Rating that will either increase or decrease based on your wins and losses. Winning, for example, will raise your Rating. The Rating you have decides the level of the person you will go up against.

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