It's entirely likely most of the people who were treated to the new Tears of the Kingdom trailer during Wednesday's Nintendo Direct have already played Breath of the Wild. However, for those who haven't that Nintendo is attempting to get on side before May 12, the critically acclaimed Zelda game is now 30 percent off through the Nintendo eShop.

Games going on sale might not seem like big news on the surface. They go on sale all the time, right? Well, yes, but not Nintendo games. Particularly not Switch games that continue to sell well. That's why Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is still full price almost six years later, and it's also why Breath of the Wild being reduced at source is a very big deal.

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The price reduction was made directly after the new trailer for Tears of the Kingdom debuted (thanks, Nintendo Life). Clearly Nintendo is hoping to catch people searching for Breath of the Wild after new details about its sequel were officially revealed. People searching for the game that takes place directly before Tears of the Kingdom will have found it listed for £41.99. An absolute steal when you consider just how many hours of entertainment you can get from 2017's game of the year.

Link looking at Hyrule in Breath of the Wild

That's not the only Zelda deal Nintendo is offering up right now to celebrate the imminent arrival of Tears of the Kingdom. If you have just bought Breath of the Wild or you never got around to playing its DLC, that's reduced on the eShop right now as well. Just £12.59 for the game's additional content if you buy it now. Yes, that does mean you can currently get Breath of the Wild and its DLC for less than the base game alone usually costs.

You'll want to cash in on those savings now for a couple of reasons. One, there's no telling when the game will return to full price, after which it will probably be a very long time before it's reduced again. Two, Tears of the Kingdom will be the first Switch game that costs $70. Not a popular decision, but Nintendo has quickly confirmed the price rise won't apply to all of its big releases moving forward.

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