Considering all the Dragon Age: Dreadwolf information that's been trickling out, it's not surprising that footage and images for it have also surfaced online. Only yesterday we learnt that the game's combat could be similar to that of Final Fantasy 15, and that you won't have direct control of your companions. However, the person behind this latest leak claims to have seen alpha gameplay footage of Dreadwolf, and has provided a lot more details.

The leak was posted to Reddit by an account named 'revanchisto', who claims that they were sent 20 minutes worth of early alpha gameplay by a playtester, who has now moved on from the project. However, the Reddit post only contained a five-second GIF and some screenshots from the main video, primarily to protect the identity of the playtester. The first thing this sliver of gameplay confirms is that combat will be in real-time. However, not much else can be gleaned from it, but the leaker shared details and other screenshots.

Firstly, all the gameplay they saw is set in the Grey Warden headquarters of Weisshaupt, according to the location text. The skybox is pretty dark even though the surrounding textures are set, leading the leaker to suggest that "the skybox could contain some giant world event, similar to the Breach", but hasn't been completed yet.

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The player character is an Elvish Knight class using a sword and shield, while their two companions are another Knight and a female Dwarf Rogue – both of which could be stand-ins in the alpha. The enemies are Darkspawn who are attacking Weisshaupt, and have somehow been imbued with Red Lyrium, which can be seen in their attacks and red eyes. Red Lyrium and roots also pop up all over the headquarters in the video.

The current objective of the player is to make it to the Library, all while a massive dragon attacks from up above. The dragon occasionally blocks your path by caving in the roof, or even provides "environmental and traversal hazards". The gameplay video ends as the player reaches the library, closes the gates, and faces the dragon, who you apparently have to chain up.

The leaker went on to note a few pointers, starting with the combat. Contrary to earlier reports that the combat will be similar to that of Final Fantasy 15, they say that it looks closer to that of God of War (2018), which as we know is an evolution of Souls combat – a bit slower, and relying on parrying and dodging. Players will be able to pull off regular combos and also perform special abilities once a meter is filled. As mentioned earlier, you won't have direct control of party members, but will be able to tell them to perform abilities – something like in Guardians of the Galaxy.

They claim that the animation is a drastic improvement from anything BioWare has ever put out. The movement is fluid, and not stiff like earlier games by the dev. The UI is similar to that of Inquisition, but that could change in the final game. The screenshot reveals a typical RPG inventory layout, with the character at the center and slots for all their armour, weapons, and accessories.

The leaker also felt it was necessary to note that the player can jump, and that the character's hair looks "glorious", even though it clipped through the helmet.

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